shell's Photography is a part of In The Potter's Hands and is now available in many ways. including here on this site.

We have prints, framed and matted or unframed, available. We also have:

Coffee Table Books,-Calendars (Seasonal) -Greeting card assortments.

We have a number of charitable organizations we support and we would like to encourage all artists to give back to your community, in anyway that you can.

Use your art to better your world!

Ceramics and pottery
All Proceeds from sales go to the Save The Libraries Fund
Music and Prose for download
Art Gallery
Now Booking Gallery Shows

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This book was created to help shell's friend Linda. Please click the link to find out more and to purchase your copy. 100% of the proceeds benefit Linda. This is interactive and you may view the book in it's entirety.
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All photography, written word, graphics and design are copyright ©shell., unless otherwise noted. Used with written permission only. Thank you.