You will find many types of art forms here.

Through the years shell has enjoyed many forms of art and working in the art field. Whether as an author, producer, musician, potter, photographer, gallery director, she has always found comfort surrounded by fine art and artists.

shell's Photography is a part of In The Potter's Hands and is now available in many ways. including here on this site.

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In The Potter's Hands is our home base. You will find: Pottery, Poetry, Music, Painting and much more.
shell has been enjoying Portrait Photography and will be trying many types of it this year. We are looking for models.

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shell's Grafix provides:

Web Design, Brochures, Logos, Posters and much more. Check out the link and see how we enjoy customizing for your needs.

shell's Photography

shell is an artist who specializes in nature and wildlife photography. Her work is intended to be inspirational and uplifting. Her focus is the magnificent beauty in this world of God’s creation in the midst of life’s challenges.

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All photography, written word, graphics and design are copyright ©shell, unless otherwise noted. Used with written permission only. Thank you.