What Child is This?

Music by wonderful guitarists Taylor Kropp (Random Status) Orion Williams (Band Of Ninjas) and Tracy Luccketta!

Featuring the vocal talents of Michele "shell" Luccketta, Tracy Luccketta, Taylor Kropp and Orion Williams.

We have a special appearence by the Luccketta children and Logan Williams.

We have come together to bring you this CD in the hopes of raising money for a needy family in our community. We are doing this through a program at our church called Adopt a Family.

What Child is This?

We will take any size donation. Remembering, this is to help those less fortunate than us this holiday season.


We accept payments by check or paypal. Send your checks to: What Child P.O. Box 551 Moss Landing, CA 95309

After you have successfully paid for your songs via PayPal click the link that says "Return to Raven's Relief" and that will take you to the download page! Thank you again!

Sample Clips

Help us help others as you enjoy some lovely holiday music.

"Familiar tunes about an unfamiliar God"--Orion Williams